04 August 2011

Project Project Runway - Challenge 1 - The Reveal

So, here is my Project Project Runway Challenge 1 final product:
 Here is the front and back on my model, Angharad. The skirt is dyed purple with a hint of blue. I cut petal shapes and outlined them with a swoopy stitch in turquoise on the under layer and biege on the upper layer. I then layered them and sewed them together with the turquoise swoopy stitch to help give the skirt some shape. The top is gathered turquoise netting material and I reused the lace detailing from the pajama top to make the straps. A small cutting of the same lace and the bra straps made the belt. Here are some closeups:

I like how the lace made a mandarin-like collar and how the purple dye turned the white sheet into something that looks suede-like. I also like how the gathering in the front made a pleat down the center. I think it adds a bit more interest than simple gathers would have.

I would accessorize it with this bracelet from the "piperlime accessory wall"
With also a small pair of earrings in a gold color. The simple sandals Angharad is wearing I would keep also.

So there you are, my completed outfit. I'll get a new challenge on Friday and judging by the previews, it will have to be something made from what you can find at a pet store. Anyone got any cat food bags to donate? ;) I've also started laying out the pattern for a Williamsburg outfit for my Felicity doll. Updates on that to come.